Compare – Ours Vs. Theirs

When they do outside waterproofing a lot of times they won’t change the old clay crock drains for new sock covered plastic perforated drains. We not only remove all old drain system crock tiles and replace the whole system with up to date materials, we also blow out all under floor drains and “tee’s” with high pressure water to insure proper drainage.
When they do an outdoor waterproofing they only cover the drains with 18″-24″ of stone, and then backfill the remaining hole with 4′-5′ feet of clay, dirt, or sand, the same material that expanded and contracted with the ground moisture and cracked the basement walls to begin with. We backfill all of our waterproofing holes with 90%-100% peastone, this also insures fast draining so that water doesn’t have time to sit on your newly sealed walls plus it helps to minimize the expanding and contracting motion of the surrounding ground.
They always push indoor systems, indoor systems is a simple by-pass. A competent drain system  is meant to keep the water where it belongs, on the outside.  We like to supply our customers with options, indoor systems are a last resort measure. Whether it’s an interior or exterior system we lay out all your options for your unique situation.
Indoor system other companies push on to you turn your home into a work zone, loud, dusty, in and out, up and down, and possibly cause furnace contamination when the proper protocols aren’t followed.  Our exterior systems are not only a better and final solution, they assure that you and your family avoid being around hazardous work zones and remove the potential of breathing hazardous material.
 They try to sell so called “patented systems” but the only thing they have patented is a bunch of mumbo jumbo and slick sale technique to get your money faster with doing little work. We know the right way is usually the hard way, and that is a fact in waterproofing and foundation repair. We trust good old fashioned hard work and ingenuity.

Why Our System Works

We go to the root of the problem, the outside. Outside is where the cracks are, where the water starts its penetration and thats were we apply our solution. In those rare situations when a problem can’t be fixed from the outside, such as Walls being inmpossiable to get to from the outside or having hydrostatic pressure coming from the basement floor, we offer a long lasting indoor Water Proofing solution.