About Us

DryLine LLC serves┬áthe Metro Detroit area, and has over 30 years of experience. Through our experience we know every home from roof to foundation, including yours. Unlike other companies that provide a quick fix, our repairs are done right from the very start leaving a solution that will last. We are Metro Detroit’s water proofing and foundation repair team.

We pride our selves in our work, and it’s the best out there. Other companies only redirect your problem and set you you up for failure, not to mention a higher price tag. Here at DryLine LLC our Water Proofing not only keeps you dry but stops the problem from happening again and our Foundation Repair will keep your home standing through any storm.

We know our work is the best and we know it works! That is why we are the home to a 20 Year Transferable Warranty on any job.

Do you live in the Macomb, Oakland or Wayne County area? Do you have water intrusion issues? Does you foundation need repair? Then you have found the place that will provide you with a ling term solution, please contact us here.

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